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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development published a paper based on an Independent Commission on social mobility in May 2008

It showed that employers in Britain are worried that too many potential employees will not have the requisite literacy skills to carry out their jobs properly.

It indicated that the problem needed to be addressed immediately if Britain were to stay competitive in the world economy.

Reading for pleasure was shown to be a more important factor for personal success in the future than any socio-economic factors.

The National Literacy Trust is a charity that encourages schools to promote a holistic approach to reading for pleasure in their policies.

It recognises that literacy is not just an activity for English Lessons.  It pervades all aspects of school life.

It also recognises that children only spend 15% of their time at school.  This means a holistic approach to literacy, which involves the wider community and children’s families is essential.

Research shows that when parents get involved in their child’s literacy journey this has a hugely positive impact on how they learn at school.