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I’m Not Cute by Jonathan Allen

I’m Not Cute is a fantastically funny picture book in which Baby Owl is out for a walk in the woods one day when he meets lots of his friends who all think he is very, very cute.

Baby Owl is not keen on the title ‘cute’. He gets crosser and crosser the more friends he bumps into until he utterly loses his temper.

Mummy Owl swoops to the rescue and reassures him that he is in fact a lethal, killing machine, but by then Baby Owl just wants his mummy and the reassurance that he is in fact, cute after all.

The illustrations are wonderfully and simply done, and Baby Owl is a perfect mix of cute and cross that makes him funny just to look at.

The story works at the simplest level and is suitable for the youngest reader, but the humour in the text means that it works much further up the age range as well.

It is excellent if you are looking for a book for young starter readers to have a go at reading for themselves as there is lots of repetition, and the punch line is clear and vivid and easy to read. They may need a little help with some of the longer words, but these make good discussion and comprehension points in the story.

I found it absolutely perfect for teaching my youngest about expression through punctuation because of all the exclamation marks in the text.

It would make a good book for expanding thinking and opening conversations on how we feel and how we express our feelings, what is appropriate anger, why owl is angry and why he needs comfort.

Baby Owl is a tremendous character and Allen has released several other books which all work on the same simple premise and which are just as good.

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