My Granny Was A Frightful Bore by Nanette Newman

Illustrated by Beryl Cook

This is a narrative, rhyming poem which has been turned into a picture book by the addition of illustrations by celebrated artist, Beryl Cook.

The poem is about a child’s granny, and how, in her eighties she has found her second wind and become a dare devil adventure granny, changing her name and becoming a lion tamer etc.

My children did not really warm to this story. The poem was not fantastic and did not scan particularly well.  The humour mostly passed them by, and they really only liked the illustrations.  The story seemed quite old fashioned and they just didn’t like it.

It might work as an educational aid for talking about our families and why they are important to us, and it could be used to introduce poetry to younger children, but there really are a lot better examples of great narrative poems about.

I liked the fact that it made the point that old people aren’t redundant and that they can be exciting and have adventurous, thrilling lives, but that was about it.