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A good way to encourage children to explore literacy and to enthuse reluctant readers is to come at reading from the other end, i.e. get children excited about drama, or performance poetry, or film, or any arts based project that will require literacy skills. Once they’re passionate about something like this, reading will follow more quickly and with more enthusiasm than you might imagine.

Leicester’s Curve theatre has been open for five years now, and year on year it is growing in strength in terms of what it offers city and county residents in terms of the arts.

You can access their website by clicking on this link.

They are aware that theatre can sometimes seem a little intimidating if you don’t have much experience of it, and are very keen to open their doors to people of all ages, and to particularly encourage children to enjoy theatre.

It has an extensive children’s programme which runs alongside shows in the main theatre and studio.

Curve will play a huge part in Spark Festival, Leicester’s dedicated arts festival for children this year. The theatre will throw its doors wide for a week, with a range of workshops, performances, events and experiences to suit children of all ages.

Costs are kept to a minimum to ensure that families can attend performances, and there are quite a few events on during the festival that will be free.

You can find details of Curve’s involvement with Spark Festival on the Spark Festival website.

Curve also offer a wide variety of performances for children all year round.  This season children can go and see shows such as:

Northern Ballet’s touring production of The Ugly Duckling

A show based on The Rime of the Ancient Mariner called A Thousand Slimy Things

A touring production of Tricycle Theatre’s adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen

A show for pre school children based on the popular picture book character Spot, called Spot’s Birthday Party

and many more.

Lots of these shows are adapted from stories that children will already know, or books and stories that are easy for children to get hold of if watching a performance pushes their imagination and enthusiasm for reading to new heights.

Many of the shows have workshops or events attached to them, which children can also attend, and which show them how a dramatic performance evolves from page to stage.

The show times are tailored for families and children and their needs, as are the shows durations.

Group discounts are available for parties of ten or more.

All details can be found on the website, which is regularly updated, and staff are always happy to help if you have special needs or requirements.