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My last two posts have been about the Curve Theatre in Leicester.

My first post was about the fantastic programme of events for children, which you can read about here; and their equally brilliant education programme, which you can read about here.

My post today is about something I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s education post; the Young Arts Entrepreneurs programme.

Tim Ford, (Associate Director, Participation and Learning), has created the YAE programme to encourage the growth of the arts as a whole, across the city and county.

Ten businesses, run by young people aged 16 to 25 have been selected by Curve to take part in YAE and benefit from a partnership programme with Curve.  They are being given mentoring help, business help or whatever help they and Curve feel they need to see their businesses grow over the next twelve months.

Tim is always looking for projects and ideas his proteges can benefit from, and schools in particular can get a great deal of value from contacting him with any arts related projects they have, as he might well be able to connect them with one of his YAE businesses to mutual advantage.

There are events, projects and programmes to suit all budgets, so please, if you have an idea which you want to explore, contact Tim at Curve.

Our school has a number of projects in partnership with different YAE businesses that we will be taking part in throughout the Easter and Summer term, and we are delighted that we are able to work so closely with such talented performers and organisations.  One project, which is already underway, is already proving to be hugely stimulating for the children involved, and we expect to see some great written and reading work coming from it as the project develops.

I will be writing about individual YAE businesses and projects in the coming weeks.

If your business or school is interesting in creating a project with Curve and the YAE programme, please contact Tim Ford at Curve.  His details are on the website.