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One of the reasons reading is so important, is that it has a direct and immediate relation to the quality of a child’s written work.  A child who reads a wide variety of written material, whether it be books, magazines or online media, improves their imagination, their confidence and their ability to express themselves in writing.

It also follows that any child who is encouraged to write, and who enjoys writing, will make commensurate progress with their reading. If your child is stuck with reading, it may help if you encourage them to write you stories, and you sit and read them together.

If you have a blog you can publish your child’s stories and encourage comment from online readers. Seeing their work in print can really boost a child’s confidence and spur them on to achieve more in both their reading and their writing.

You can also submit your child’s work to magazines or competitions that promote children’s writing, of which there are many.

Writing projects in schools are often called things like Big Write or Sparkly Writing. Our school regularly encourages children to stretch their writing abilities by joining in with competitions such as Radio Two’s 500 Words Competition, which you can read about here.

500 Words is our current project, and although it is not part of our taught curriculum, we have dedicated one of the noticeboards in school to promoting it. We are also running a series of workshops at lunch times to help the children who are interested in entering write their stories.

We are offering tips and advice with everything from putting your story together to finding inspiration and help with editing once the stories have been written.

We will be publishing tips here in the coming weeks, and when the children have written their stories, we will be publishing those too.

If you have poems or stories by your children, please feel free to submit them to the blog, and we will do our best to publish their work.