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Story Writing




Before you start writing your story it can be helpful to think about what genre, or type of story you are going to write.


This decision will shape what kind of settings you describe, what kind of characters you create, and the general feel of your story.


For example, if you decide to write a science fiction story then you are probably not going to write about Victorian England, unless you choose to include elements of time travel in your story.


There are lots of different types of genres you can explore:


Will you write a crime story, or a romance? Perhaps you will write a story as if it were your diary, or a series of letters. You might want to write a science fiction story or a historical story. You might think about writing a travel story or something about a family.  You could write a story about a war or create a story about explorers in a new world.  You might want to write a traditional fairy story, but put a new twist on it. There are lots of story types to choose from.


When you have chosen your category you need to make other decisions that will narrow down your chosen story within that category or genre.


You might want to write a crime story, for example.  If you choose this genre you then need to think about things like whether you want to write it from the point of view of the criminal, the detective, or maybe the victim of crime. Do you want to write about a famous detective like Sherlock Holmes, or maybe someone who wants to be a famous detective but is only on his or her first case? Maybe you want to write about what it would be like to be a policeman or woman solving a crime? Maybe you want to write about what it would be like for an ordinary person on the street to see a crime unfolding before their eyes?  You might want to write a story about how to perform the perfect crime and not get caught.


If you are feeling confident in your story writing abilities you might want to mix genres. You could, for example, write a story about a battle, but one in which all the characters in it have magical, fairy tale qualities.  You could write a story about a famous character from history who finds a way to travel through time and ends up in your world.  These kinds of stories are fun to write because you can take so much inspiration from the different genres you have chosen that there are endless possibilities for your story.


Once you have the broad idea of what kind of story you want to write, you can start thinking about the details.  If you are writing a science fiction story you need to think about what makes your setting different from the world you live in now. Do your characters drive cars, or are there special vehicles in the future world you will create? Does your hero brush his teeth, or take medicine or eat dinner in the same way we do, or is everything different in the future? Maybe he has a pet? If he does, is it a dog, or a robot or are there new animals in the world you have made? Think about ways you can create details that bring the story you are writing to life, and which give your reader a real sense of the place and time you are creating.