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The Arts Award can be given for a child involved in any area of the arts, not just the visual arts.  It can include:




Story telling



Musical Theatre

Visual arts of all kinds


Media and multimedia including film, photography, video, broadcasting

Web design

Game design

New art forms

It can be awarded for involvement in any or all of these areas, for any involvement in a single art form or a combination.

It can also be awarded for involvement in backstage activities such as editing, promotions, technicians roles, lighting and set design, and any other activities like this that have links and involvement in the world of the arts.

It involves recognition of individual involvement and interest in the arts rather than the quality of a finished product.  This means that all children, from the simply enthusiastic to the highly skilled can all be accredited on their own attainment.

An Arts Award is a recognition of personal attainment and the awards were designed to be inclusive. This means that it can be of particular benefit to those with learning difficulties or special needs.

An Arts Advisor will guide the children through what they have to achieve to get their ‘Discover’ and ‘Explore’ certificates, and can help each child find the level they are happiest working at.

Each child must keep a log of their work as they progress through the awards. This is what is assessed to make sure they have attained the correct levels and attain their pass certificates.

The log does not have to be written work. It can be any way the child wants to record the information, including:


A photographic record

A recording of some description

A multimedia presentation

A blog

A power point presentation

Dictation through a transcriber

The Discover Award

This encourages young people to take part in different arts activities, to find out about artists and their work, and share their discoveries with others.  Their work is recorded in an arts log.

This Award is assessed and awarded by your Arts Advisor.

The Explore Award

This award continues the encouragement to explore the arts the children will have developed at the Discover level, and asks them to find out more about what inspires them, to explore the work of different artists and arts organisations, and to create an art work of their own.  Their work will also be recorded in an arts log.

This Award is assessed by your Arts Advisor and moderated by an external moderator before being awarded.