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Welcome to the second in our series of posts where adults talk about the childhood books they loved the most, or which influenced them the most.

Today’s post is by Annie Johnson.

Annie has chosen The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier

The Silver Sword. By Ian Serraillier

This book was a Class text when I was in what would be called Year 10 nowadays, and we all took turns in reading aloud , with our form master reading to us from it too. That was the first of at least a dozen readings of this wonderful book for me.

It’s the story of wartime Poland and a family who were separated by the horrors of that time.  The father was taken prisoner, and the children remembered that there had been an understanding that if ever they found themselves apart from one another, they were to head for Switzerland to be reunited with their family there.

The book charts the story of how they try to fulfil that agreement, and it tells of the dangers, the friendships they make, the things they learn about human behaviour particularly when the chips are down and life is its very hardest. It tells of endurance and being tested.

It has funny moments too, and it relates the very big important things the children struggle for, and details the smallest things that matter too.

Do any of them succeed to the end of their perilous undertaking? What, and who do they encounter during the course of their attempts? What do they learn, and how do they cope with their circumstances and the sudden, need to live by their own wits?

It is a book of far reaching adventure, challenge, grim truths and heart warming love and perseverance. It’s captivating quality has never ever left me, I return to it again and again, and each time find something else to ponder on. Take it, and go with it.

It’s some journey.