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Research by Professor Heather Joshi from the London Institute of Education has been published this week, that shows that children’s literacy levels are not affected by whether or not their mother’s are stay at home mums or mums that work.

This contradicts previous research that showed that children whose mothers worked suffered in terms of their progress with literacy, compared to their peers whose mothers stayed at home with them.

Professor Joshi specialises in what is known as longitudinal studies.  This involves studying subjects over two generations of their lives and across various key points in their lives, thus giving a much more comprehensive and accurate view of how such issues genuinely affect lives.

Professor Joshi believes that the gap has closed because of things like longer maternity leave, flexi time working and better support for children whose mothers do work, such as OFSTED measured nurseries, nannies and child minders etc.

The article can be found here, on the National Literacy Trust website.