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My six year old son and I read Wolf’s Magnificent Master Plan by Melanie Williamson tonight as his bed time story, and he loved it.  His exact words were: ‘This is pretty good mama. I really like how silly the wolf is.’  Hardly ready for The London Review of Books yet, I concur, but give him time. He’s working on it.

This picture book is another reworking of the classic wolf wants to eat sheep story, which has been done so many times, but yet which seems to yield up a rich array of top notch stories.  This is another good one.

Wolf has sore teeth. He has not looked after them properly, and until they are fixed he can only eat soup.

He is, quite naturally, not a big soup fan.

He works out how much it will cost him to get new teeth, and then comes up with a plan to earn the money for the teeth.  He hypnotises some reluctant sheep into working for him, knitting jumpers from their own wool.  Wolf sells the jumpers at a huge profit, and buys his teeth, all ready to eat the sheep.

As you would expect, the sheep are pretty cunning, and once they have worked out Wolf’s master plan, they come up with a plan of their own to put wolf firmly in his place.

I won’t give away what they do, but it made us laugh.

In fact, the whole book made us laugh, particularly the pages where wolf works out how to hypnotise the sheep.

The illustrations are bright and busy, and really enhance the fun and humour of the story.

We recommend it to boys and girls aged 3-6.