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Dirty Bertie: A Trio of Trouble by Alan MacDonald contains three very funny Dirty Bertie books, all of which can be bought as separate books if you prefer.  Each book has three stories in each volume.

The first book is called: Dirty Bertie; Worms.  The stories in it are called Worms, Manners and Rubbish.

Worms is where Bertie is trying to think of excuses as to why he shouldn’t have to go to his next door neighbour’s pink party.  Manners is where he is determined to win the prize for the best manners in school! Rubbish is where Bertie has his heart set on being a bin man, but he throws something very important away!

I thought that all of these stories were very good and very funny and there wasn’t anything I would change about them.

The next book is called Dirty Bertie; Fleas! The stories in it are Fleas, Dare and Fire.  Fleas is where Bertie has to take his dog, Whiffer to the vets, but it is proving very hard.  Dare is where Bertie locks his supply teacher, Mr Wheatley, in the cupboard, and then loses the key.  Fire is where the fire brigade come to his school and he decides he is going to be a fire man.

My favourite story out of all of these is Dare, because they all get in a panic because it is the day that the school inspector is coming, and that makes it much more funny.

The last book is called Dirty Bertie; Pants! The stories in it are Pants, Fame and Poop.  Pants is where Bertie loses a dare to his enemy, Know All Nick, and Bertie has to think up a way to come to school in just his pants.  Fame is where Bertie auditions to be in Oliver! as the Artful Dodger and ends up being the dog instead, and Poop is where he brings his dog to a pool party and he poos in the water.

My favourite story out of the three is Fame! Where he auditions to be in Oliver.  I love it because Bertie thinks he is really good at acting, but when he gets on stage he has forgotten all the words, and then, when he gets on stage he finds out that his costume is really small. It is really uncomfortable, and when he tries to make himself more comfortable, he knocks everybody over when they are trying to do a dance.  I am a singer myself, and I know how annoying this would be for everyone on stage, but that it would also be really funny to watch!

My favourite character in the books is Know All Nick, because he is really snobby and thinks he’s good at everything, but Bertie always ruins it for him, and you know that when Nick is in a story, Bertie is going to make him really cross!

I think the books would work really well for young children, from about aged four, as long as their parents will read them to them, as they are very silly, and funny.  I think they would probably be good for children up to about the age of ten.  I think they are equally funny and a really good read for both boys and girls. I love them.