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Stuck by Oliver Jeffers is another in a long line of Jeffers’ books that my children absolutely adore. In fact, I have yet to a) read a book by him that people don’t like or b) find a child who doesn’t love his work.

Stuck is no exception.

I think Stuck may be my favourite book of his, in fact.

Stuck tells the story of a small boy called Floyd.  All Floyd wants to do is spend the day flying his kite.  Things go wrong early on, when Floyd’s kite gets stuck up a tree.  Floyd is annoyed.  He is annoyed to the point of getting a monobrow in the pictures because he is frowning so much.

We loved this.

Floyd decides to throw his shoe up the tree to get the kite down.

His shoe gets stuck.

He throws his other shoe up there.

His other shoe gets stuck.

The monobrow is heavily scored across his forehead now.

Gradually the things Floyd throws up into the tree in an attempt to get his kite down get more and more surreal, and even when you think Floyd has understood what he has to do, Jeffers takes it to another level of surreality, and you find yourself laughing at Floyd’s frankly bonkers choices.

The illustrations are wonderfully fluid and full of expression, the story is simple and very funny.

There is surprise all through the book and a couple of lovely twists I won’t spoil for you.

It’s delicious.

Perfect for children aged 3-8, boys and girls.