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Today we’re featuring a review of ‘Lulu and the Best Cake Ever’ by Emma Chichester Clark.  This is the first picture book in her latest, Wagtail Town series, the second of which is called: Lulu and the Treasure Hunt.

The review is by reader Sarah’s daughter.

Emma Chichester Clark is probably best known for her series of picture books about Blue Kangaroo – beginning with ‘I Love You, Blue Kangaroo?’

She has however, had a prolific career both as a children’s writer and illustrator for both her own and other writer’s books.

Recently she has started writing about her own dogs in a blog called Plumdog Blog, a series of beautifully illustrated blog posts about the adventures of her dog Plum.  You can access it by clicking on the link here.

The Wagtail Town books are for younger readers, aged from about 3 to 6.  They tell the story of Lulu, the small dog with big ideas and a bigger heart, and her adventures in Wagtail Town.

In this book, Lulu wants to win the New Tricks School Cake Competition, but when things don’t go according to plan, her friend Alfie is on hand to remind her what is important.

Sarah’s daughter says:

This book is funny and a bit sad when Lulu cries when she didn’t win the trophy. But it’s good that all the cares of the day float away and she gets a bunch of flowers from Mr Chumpchops to take home. And when she was dancing, the band who was playing the music was called The Beagles and l thought that was really funny.

Sarah says:

I absolutely love this book, it’s become a huge favourite. We have both books so far in the Wagtail Town series (the 2nd book is Lulu and the Treasure Hunt) and l also love the author’s comic-style blog (Plumdog Blog) about her own dogs. The colours are beautifully neopolitan. The details are stunning. Lulu is a lovely, eager-to-please and willing to learn character. Her friends are varied and interesting. My daughter loves to read the book to me and with such lovely expression, such is the characters’ immense likeability.

It sounds like a winner to us, and certainly one I’ll be looking at with interest when restocking our school library.