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Just Imagine by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodheart is a picture book by the same authors who brought you the book; ‘You Choose’.

Both books work on an identical principle.  These are not story books, these are books that let your imagination fly.  Each idea you can imagine or choose is laid out as a double page spread, full of beautifully rendered illustrations by Nick Sharratt.

In You Choose, for example, you can choose a house you would love, or food you would like to eat, or clothes you would like to wear.

In Just Imagine you can imagine what it is like to be big, for example.  The illustrations show you doing things like having your hair brushed, or not being able to get into school, or having to have people shout through a megaphone to be able to talk to you.

At the head of each double page spread the text lays out what you might imagine, and the narrative rhymes.  You can imagine what it is like to be something other than human, or inventing the world’s best machine, or being a pet, or living underground. There are lots of things you can imagine.

The illustrations are full of humour and detail that you can discuss, and ideas that might springboard you into discussions about things you can imagine and choose that are not covered in the text.

The end plates of Just Imagine are beautiful, lined with a wall of words to do with transformation that in themselves can prompt you to open an amazing and creative dialogue with your child.

We have a tatty old copy of You Choose in our house, which has been pored over by all three of my children in turn, and discussed endlessly.  I prefer Just Imagine as it gives much more creative scope to what is possible and isn’t just about a list of things, which features quite heavily in You Choose.

Both books are wonderful and I highly recommend them for ages 2 to 5, both boys and girls. They would be a marvellous addition to any nursery, early years or pre school, and great to have at home to help you open up a child’s imagination and increase their vocabulary.