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Space Pirates and the Treasure of Salmagundy by Scoular Anderson is a picture book for older children in which it attempts to teach children basic mapping, and following instruction and gaining skills that will help them get the most of an activity based story, like this.


The story tells of the space pirate ship, Sleepy Sheep and its crew, headed by Captain Tosca.

They land on the treasure planet Salmagundy, and the computer instructs them as to their mission and how to go about tracking down the treasure.

You as the reader can join in and uncover the path to the treasure alongside them.

I have to confess to really disliking this sort of book.  In terms of simple reader skills it is useless.  The text and pages are laid out more like a graphic novel or cartoon and there is no clear narrative flow. You have to figure out which dialogue box to read next and which bits are relevant to you and which bits are just dialogue between members of the crew, and the whole thing is very confusing unless you are a super confident reader.

My son wanted me to read this story out loud to him, but we gave up after a couple of pages as we were both utterly frustrated with it.

It would be good for an individual reader who has confident enough in their reading and decoding skills to figure everything out.  It would also be good to take individual bits of it and work through the skills it is trying to teach in a classroom situation.

It is clearly marketed at boys rather than girls, and I would only recommend it to upper KS2 children, aged about 9 to 12.