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Regular readers will know that Cid and Mo are two fantastic children’s authors and educators who we had the great good luck to be able to host at our school a few weeks ago.  The whole school was buzzing after their visit, after they really brought to life the great characters and sense of fun that inhabits their first book; ‘The Janksters and the Talking Slug’.


You can buy their book by clicking through the link on their website here.

We loved them, and we really hope to get them back into school again soon to weave some more of their magic.

One of the things that Cid and Mo are passionate about is reading aloud to children.

Here’s why:

We love ‘Making Them Readers’ because the title says it all! Our passion as Children’s Authors is to inspire children to become readers – for life.


The world of books is not open to everyone. Unfortunately, some children see reading as boring, as a chore to be completed and not something they would choose to do for fun. We want to change that. Books are written to entertain us! If children can see what fun reading can be we are sure they would read more and, by reading more, they will of course become better readers.


We believe that reading aloud is the key that will unlock the door for many children – but we don’t mean the children reading aloud, we mean the adults! Reading aloud to children is THE ADVERT for books. It brings the stories to life and gives children the opportunity to experience the amazing adventures, exciting worlds and fantastic characters that books have to offer.


Listening to a story triggers a feeling of pleasure in a child. This encourages the child to associate books with pleasure. As humans, we are driven by that which brings us pleasure and, consequently, it would follow that children would go on to develop a positive attitude to books and view them as something worthwhile and enjoyable. Success!


Read aloud at every opportunity – articles from newspapers, short stories, radio stories, story CDs for car journeys and, of course, a bedtime story. Listening to a story with no other expectation than enjoyment is a brilliant way to introduce children to the world of books and, maybe, a chance for parents to catch up on some novels they missed!


Cid and Mo


If you want to find out more have a look at our website www.cidandmo.co.uk