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What Can You Spot in Winnie’s World? by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul is another in the hugely popular series of books by the author/illustrator team about the well loved character, Winnie the Witch, and her cat George.


This book, rather than being a story, is a series of twelve, intricate and detailed illustrations by Korky Paul, organised by theme, all of which feature things for you and your child to discover and ‘spot’.  It’s rather like Where’s Wally? but with more witches and more things to spot…


and less Wally.

What I particularly love about Korky Paul’s illustrations is, apart from the fine detail and interest he adds to every story he illustrates, that he puts a picture of himself in every picture he does. You can see him, here, on the title page of the book, lurking by the fountain, clutching his pen.

This is enough to make me delight in the book from the get go.

I never liked Where’s Wally? I’m too old for him to charm me, and I find the pictures too boring to care about. They are undoubtedly clever, but they don’t really hold my interest for long, and they haven’t ever been particular favourites of my children, even though they have been bought the books as gifts over the years.  I do however, like the Winnie version very much.

It’s fun to look at. It’s fun to talk about. It’s fun to share, and for a story book without a narrative, which is usually something I find deeply annoying, I found myself feeling remarkably benevolent about this one.

I recommend it to boys and girls from the age of three or four to six. Spotting things together and sharing with your child really can bring on the child’s vocabulary and also stimulate their imagination, as you can make up stories about the characters in the book, and there are lots of amusing little touches along the way.

I won’t spoil it by telling you any of them. Discover them for yourself.

Highly recommended.