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I am a massive fan of John Hegley.


My children are equally massive fans of Hegley.

We own all his books. His CD, Saint and Blurry, has been played to death, and we are all pretty much word perfect.

We have seen him many times performing live, and it is always an utter delight.

One of our favourite poems is ‘Guillemot’, and we have been desperate to have a copy of the words, only having seen it performed live.  I am a Poetato: An A-Z of Poems has Guillemot in it, and this has made us all ridiculously happy.

This collection of poems is very child friendly. His other collections apart from My Dog is A Carrot, are not all suitable for children, but we love I am a Poetato.

To really appreciate the beauty and sheer cleverness of Hegley’s verse you need to see him live.  His deadpan delivery, his use of music to turn his poems into unforgettable and brilliant songs, and his way of involving the audience in poetry making will really bring what he does to life – but if you can’t get to see him, buy this collection instead.

Recommended for anyone with a strongly surreal sense of humour and a love of words, particularly words that don’t always do what you would expect.

This would make a fantastic collection for a school library, or to be shared by people who believe that poems need to be read aloud.  It would make a great gift for a Hegley fan, or for a child who has caught the poetry bug and is looking for a modern poet who can really speak to them.

John Hegley tours the UK a lot. Gig updates can be found on his website, Word Wild, or on his Facebook Page if you search Facebook for John Hegley.