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The Unbelievable, Top Secret Diary of Pig by Emer Stamp is a beautifully produced little gem that will have six to ten year olds laughing their socks off with glee.


Produced in the form of a diary by Pig, the main character, Pig starts his life as a diarist by glorying in all that is good in his life. The farmer loves him. Pig knows this because the farmer keeps bringing him such lovely food.  Pig lives comfortably on the farm with his best friend Duck, who he loves, but not in a soppy way, and the only blot on the landscape as far as Pig is concerned, is the fact that the farmyard also houses ‘evil’ chickens who are mean to him and have beady, evil eyes, and go Kla, Kla, Kla.

Pig’s world falls apart when he finds out what the farmer actually wants to do to him, and he realises that the farmer is more interested in eating him than growing old with him.

Pig must escape, but in order to do so he has to enlist the help of the evil chickens, who are building a rocket, and need a test pilot for its maiden voyage.

Pig heads to outer space and the adventure takes off.

This is a wonderful chapter or transition book. Simple blocks of text on plenty of white space with plenty of beautifully produced illustrations, and lots and lots of toilet humour make this a sure fire winner with children.

My ten year old finished this in a day. My seven year old is already half way through it. The evil chickens are their favourite bit – and the farting.