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Mogzilla is an independent children’s publisher who specialise in taking a refreshingly new approach to children’s books and publishing.  They have teamed up online with another independent publisher, Caboodle, to offer a range of workshops, free planning ideas for classrooms, books and author visits based on their range of books.


They have several themes to their publishing.  They offer a range of books about Roman history but told from the view that cats rule the world.  They offer Anglo Saxon history in the same way with a range of books which feature dogs, including Beowuff.

You can book their authors to come to your school for an immersive day or half day session with your class, learning about history and literacy in a joyous cross discipline fusion.  There are workshops on the Romans, the Celts, the Vikings and the Greeks.

They are currently branching out into other areas, including launching a series of graphic novels for children which can also be supported by workshops, and workshops on Shakespeare called The Bard for Beginners.  There is also a series of books and workshops for Early Years and KS1 children about the cartoon characters Roobarb and Custard.

The Bard for Beginners course is suitable for children from year 3 to year 8.