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Philip Reeve is probably best known as the author of the acclaimed and award winning teen/YA series Mortal Engines. He does however, also write excellent books for younger children and Goblins vs Dwarves is the second in his Goblins series (the first being the eponymous Goblins), for children aged about seven and up.


I loved the first book, Goblins, and reviewed it favourably here. I was delighted, on a recent trip to the library to find that the sequel had been published and lost no time in bringing it home. Having a day languishing on the sofa feeling ill gave me the perfect opportunity to start, and indeed finish it.

The book carries on where the first book finished, and expands the fantasy world of Clovenstone which Reeve created so brilliantly in the first book. Scarper the goblin is back with his human friend Henwyn, the ageing Princess Ned and all the characters of Clovenstone, who rid of the evil Lychlord of Clovenstone, are now trying to rebuild their home, and rather than make it a centre for dark magic and evil, are learning instead to be cheese makers.

Their plans go awry when they discover that dwarves are tunnelling in from their home in faraway Dwarvenholme, trying to steal all the slow silver that allows the goblins at Clovenstone to hatch, for their own dubious purposes.

The characters are richly drawn, funny and at times deeply touching, the plot is fast paced and exciting and there is a perfect blend of humour and violence, with the odd wonderful joke for a parent or slightly more sophisticated reader that means this is a tremendously appealing story to read or have read to you.

The Goblins series is a trilogy and I cannot wait for the final book to come out, although I am rather hoping that Reeve changes his mind about the trilogy thing and we get more of this series over the years.