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My fifteen year old daughter, Tilly, has just written a review for me of a novel she finished this week. It’s called: A Boy Called Hope by Lara Williamson


Meet Dan Hope, an eleven year old with astronomical ambitions, a passion for Sherlock Holmes, and Charlie Scallybones, a dog who frequently regurgitates plastic pirates and all manner of slimy things.

The thing Dan wants most of all, is a dad.

A Boy Called Hope is a brilliantly bitter-sweet book, with fabulously quirky characters, which will make you snort into your sandwiches, and mop up tears with the crusts. Dan aspires to solve mysteries like his pipe-smoking hero, and he uses his methods of deduction to try and figure out his complicated life, along with the help of his crazy friend Jo; a girl passionate about relics and all things saintly (although she opts in and out of the saintliness herself), and his sometimes friend, Christopher.

Dan is desperate for his dad to love him again, as he walked out 4 years ago – but on his quest for a father, Dan discovers the love that is already there for him, and the family that he is gaining step by step.

It is written from Dan’s point of view, which gives you an insight into the workings of his mind, filled with space travel and zombies, and all the hilarity it provides. A Boy Called Hope deals with a barrage of difficult feelings and situations, in a fun and lovely way. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, adult or child.

I would recommend it for confident readers aged eight and up. It is suitable for boys and girls, even though the main character is a boy. There is a good cast of characters, and my favourite is Jo, his religious nut of a friend. She is fantastic.