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The Hunted, by Charlie Higson is the sixth in a seven book series about zombies called The Enemy. It is possibly the best series of books about zombies ever written, in the history of ever.


Now I’ve nailed my colours to the mast you can guess that I am going to be very generous indeed with my review. I loved it.

No. Really.

I totally loved it.

I have reviewed all the other books in the series on here and the quality remains as high, as does the merciless slaying of all your favourite characters, the nail biting tension that carries you from chapter to chapter with your heart in your mouth, and the superb plotting that just makes you want to keep on reading. Even when it is two in the morning and you know you shouldn’t, for so many reasons.

You have to read these in order or the books will make no sense at all. The time and plot lines cross and twist across the whole series, but once you get used to it you see how these devices cleverly pull you right into the world Higson creates.

It’s genius.

In the space of a week my husband read this book, I read this book and my eldest daughter read this book, all with the same fierce concentration and mixture of delight in the story, trauma at how the story unfolds, and the insatiable desire to find out what happens.

The material is extremely violent and very graphic. This is not for the faint hearted and definitely not for anyone under the age of about twelve unless they have nerves of absolute steel. I should recommend it mostly for boys, but I’m not going to, because I know loads of girls who love this series too, and the characters, both boys and girls are equally strong and charismatic. It’s a brilliant series. I will be devastated when it finishes.