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The Blood of Olympus is the final book in both the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, and the entire sequence of Percy Jackson books.


I have been reading these to my children since last year, and we have been impressed time and time again by Riordan’s compulsive, brilliant writing.

We couldn’t quite believe it would ever end, and were very excited, and more than a little sad when The Blood of Olympus arrived a few weeks ago.

We finished it this evening, and it was absolutely epic.

We cried, we laughed, we delighted in the coming together of all the strands of story that link what are twelve books of outstanding, page turning story telling.

We are exhausted.

If you haven’t read the Percy Jackson books, you really, really should. They are some of the best writing for children around and I have yet to meet a child who isn’t completely absorbed by them. They are brilliant to read alone, brilliant to share, and brilliant to listen to.

This was perfect, absolutely perfect.

We are having a short break to read something different, and then starting on Riordan’s books about Egypt.  We are also excited to see that he plans to release a book about Norse mythology next year.

Riordan has a knack of retelling ancient mythology in an up to date, compelling way, without losing the heart and essence of what makes the stories so exciting in the first place.

What a way to finish.