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Ottoline at Sea by Chris Riddell is the third and final book in the Ottoline series, of which the first two books are Ottoline and the Yellow Cat and Ottoline Goes to School.

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My son read this to me last week, and was very sorry to have finished the series. His favourite character is the Norwegian bog creature, Mr. Munroe, who, luckily for my son, features rather heavily in this book.

Ottoline’s parents are away in Norway, trying to track down Quite Big Foot. Ottoline and Mr. Munroe are thinking of somewhere they might want to go exploring by themselves with the young roving adventurer’s pass that Ottoline’s parents have sent them. One day, Mr. Munroe finds a pair of bog goggles in Ottoline’s parents collection, and puts them on.

He is immediately haunted by visions of Quite Big Foot looking very unhappy, and knows that he has to go to Norway. He tries to persuade Ottoline but she is too busy to listen to him properly, and so Mr. Munroe sets off alone.

When Ottoline realises Mr. Munroe has gone, she is devastated, and immediately sets off to find him, aided by the bear who lives in the basement, and Mrs. Pasternak and her pet monkey.

This is a wonderful story, full of humour and jokes, which really comes alive with the splendid illustrations by Riddell.

Each book has a little something tucked away in the end papers. In the first one it is a series of postcards from Ottoline’s parents travels, in this book it is a pair of Norwegian  bog goggles, which when the reader wears them, allows the reader to see what Mr. Munroe can see.

This was the only disappointing part of the book for us. It was very hard to see the hidden illustrations properly and in the end even Oscar gave up and we just guessed. It didn’t stop the story being fun, but it was a little frustrating.

A wonderful book for transitional readers and lovers of whimsy. Suitable for boys and girls aged seven and up as readers and younger children who you might want to read to.