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Buffy: An Adventure Story by Bob Graham is an absolutely delightful picture book by one of my favourite picture book authors and illustrators. I think this is possibly my favourite of his books so far.


Buffy tells the story of a performing dog who is so good at his job that his owner, the magician, The Great Brillo, is jealous of his success, and boots him out of the theatre where they work, to fend for himself.

Buffy is undaunted, and knows that his skills will take him far. He sets off, travelling round the world, doing a series of jobs in which nobody seems to appreciate him. Down on his luck, Buffy is about to give up, but inspiration strikes and leads him to find his true home with people that really love him.

This is a wonderful, heartwarming story about finding your true place in life, and never giving up your dreams or hiding your light under a bushel.

Although a picture book, this has a more comic book formula, with series of small picture blocks on some pages, and lots of small text. As such it is not so easy to share in a whole class environment, and may work better to share among small groups. It’s ideal for one to one reading, and would make a nice transitional book for a child who is  not quite ready to move from picture books to full novels.