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Puffin Peter by Petr Horacek is a picture book about two puffins, Peter and Paul. The best of friends, they do everything together, but one day they are separated by a storm and Paul is lost.


Peter is devastated and is determined to find his friend. He enlists the help of a friendly whale to find him, and they go on a quest, constantly narrowing down their criteria until Paul is found.

There are many books of this kind available in picture book format, and the story wasn’t startlingly new or particularly gripping. This is definitely a book for very small children who like repetition and who haven’t figured it all out by page three.

On the other hand, the illustrations are absolutely charming. The author and illustrator has a really deft touch, and the movement of the birds and the water is done in a particularly appealing way.

The story would work well for slightly older readers if you wanted to discuss the idea of description, and how to narrow down a description from the general to the particular. This might make for some interesting work in an Early Years class or nursery setting in particular.