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Claude in the City by Alex T. Smith is one of a series of books about Claude, a rather splendid dog who has an indefatigable appetite for new berets and a best friend called Sir. Bobblysock, who is indeed, a bobbly sock, but one which has a life of its own and is an excellent companion and friend to Claude.


Claude lives with Mr. and Mrs. Shinyshoes, and he seems rather fond of them, but when they go out Claude really comes alive and the adventures can begin.

In this story Claude ventures into the city with Sir. Bobblysock, encountering all sorts of adventures throughout the day, including buying an extraordinary amount of new berets and discovering sculpture in the city art gallery.

The next day Sir. Bobblysock is not himself, and after having taken his temperature with a handy banana, Claude decides that he must go to the hospital immediately.

This is a delightful story. It is witty and funny, with lots of lines that will delight children and adults alike. The illustrations are wonderful and bring the whole thing to life, and the book is just adorable. I cannot wait to read more stories about Claude I enjoyed this so much, as did my son who borrowed it from me when I had finished and sat down and read it from cover to cover.

The format I have is paperback sized, but thinner. It would make a great transitional or chapter book, as it has chapter like chunks, few words to a page and lots of illustrations. It would be great for confident readers aged 6-10, and a positive joy to read to a child at bed time.