Regular readers will know all about how much I rate independent publisher Barrington Stoke. I’ve blogged about the company, and I’ve blogged about their individual books many times here at Making Them Readers.


For those of you who are new to the blog: Barrington Stoke specialise in books that support children who have difficulties with reading. The primary reading disability is dyslexia, and studies have shown that there are all kinds of things publishers can do to make books easier to read for children of all ages.  These measures can support what teachers, parents and librarians are already doing to help readers.  Barrington Stoke do all of these things to a very high standard and it is a pleasure to find a publisher so dedicated to providing a wealth of easier to read books of such a high quality. There are several ways in which they do this.

They have created an entire range of age and subject appropriate books, so if you need books for older readers, but those readers have a lower technical ability in terms of reading, for example, you will find appropriate material here. There is an entire system set up, and available to research via their website, which will show you exactly how to target the type of reader and material you want.

They create books that no matter what age and ability, support all kinds of learning. Cream/off-white coloured pages are standard, as are read friendly fonts, more space on a page, easier to digest chunks/chapters etc. The production quality is high throughout.

They create books that children actually want to read. They collaborate with popular authors and illustrators as well as discovering new talent, and each book that is published is tested first by children as well as adult readers before it is accepted for publication.

I have used these books at home with my own children, in schools and with children I tutor. I have, for the most part, always been delighted with them. More importantly, so have the children.

The great thing is that the stories are not patronising the children who read them. The stories speak for themselves and are not dumbed down at all. The quality of the stories and the authors who write them is exceptional and the books are, first and foremost, a pleasure to read. It is wonderful to find books that fulfil a practical purpose in supporting struggling readers, but which are also books you truly want to read.

A few weeks ago a lovely lady at Barrington Stoke contacted me to see if I would like to receive parcels of books from them to review on this site.  As you can imagine, given my long championing of the brand, I snapped her hand off.

My first parcel arrived at the weekend, and I will be running my first blog review for them tomorrow.

I hope that it goes without saying that my reviews for Barrington Stoke will be honest, and will always reflect my true opinion, despite having been gifted the books. I take my reviewing work very seriously and that is not about to change. I will always state, as I do with my Amazon Vine reviews, if I have been gifted a book or requested to review it so that I can operate with full transparency.

I am incredibly excited to be doing this work and am looking forward to sharing some great titles with you over the coming weeks.