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Regular readers will know that I have reviewed several of A.J. York’s books on Making Them Readers over the years. She specialises in a modern take on a traditional fairy story. I’ve always enjoyed a more traditional tale with a twist, and when she e-mailed me to ask me if I would review her new Christmas short story I was delighted. I have been very much looking forward to reading it.


I was sent the story for free, but my opinion is entirely my own.

A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story is set out in short chapters, and would be perfect for a girl aged 6-8 as a chapter or transitional book. It reminded me very much in tone of Rumer Godden’s classic Christmas story Holly and Ivy, but with a slightly more modern twist.

Tallulah is a fairy doll. The first chapter sees Tallulah being made in what you could almost believe is Santa’s workshop, if you were magically and festively inclined.

Tallulah is packed in a box and arrives at the house where she is to take pride of place at the top of the Christmas tree. That year, two figurines on the mantelpiece who come to life, show Tallulah the ropes and she is delighted with everything she finds out.

Over the years, Christmas changes for the family, and for the decorations. In between festivities, they are packed away in boxes in the loft, and come to be good friends with all the other seasonal decorations, including an Easter bunny and a Halloween skeleton.

One year, many years after Tallulah had first arrived at the house, the decorations do not get taken out of the loft, and the toys decide to take matters into their own hands with surprisingly magical results.

This is sweet, and charming and very festive. It’s got masses of feel good appeal, and I know that as a small girl myself I would have absolutely loved this story and read it time and time again. It is really lovely.