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Claude On The Slopes by Alex T. Smith is the third book about Claude that I’ve had the utter pleasure to review here on Making Them Readers. I love Claude.


Claude is a fun loving dog with a jaunty beret that has an enormous and magical capacity to produce any object from within its capacious depths.

Claude’s best friend is called Sir. Bobblysock. He is indeed a bobbly sock, but one with an innate sense of style. He is somewhat hampered by ill health and occasional doses of nerves, but he does his best.

In this book, as you might expect, Claude and Sir Bobblysock find themselves on the ski slopes. Claude has many adventures including slightly causing an avalanche with his over-enthusiastic voice. Luckily he has done a course in mountain rescue, and all turns out well. Sir Bobblysock, who I have a great deal of sympathy with over this matter, is more about the apres ski.

The book is funny, and charming, with wonderful pictures and a fantastic sense of humour. There is real affection in the stories that Alex T. Smith invents, and you find yourself utterly immersed in the completely bonkers world of Claude, and not really wanting to come out again.

This is a wonderful story book to share with younger readers, or a great book for transitional/chapter book readers aged between 6-8.