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Oscar bought My Brother is a Superhero by David Solomons when we were on holiday earlier in the summer. He absolutely ate the book up and insisted that I read it because I would like it.


I was not convinced, but I took it from him to show willing, and I finished it last week.

I have to say that he was right. I did like it. I liked it a surprising amount actually.

It tells the story of Luke, a young boy who is obsessed by super heroes and all things geeky. He is hanging out in his treehouse with his older brother Zack one night when Zack gets zapped with super powers by a mysterious alien from a parallel universe. Luke had only stepped out for a moment to go for a wee, and the burning injustice that Zack has been chosen for the destiny Luke wants, riles Luke completely. Zack is square and boring and into sports and worries about his school work. All Luke wants is a cape and the ability to save the world.

Now Zack has it.

The book is funny, sharp and perceptive. If you know anything at all about super heroes, you will know that the author has really done his stuff with regards to research. The book has lots of name checks and facts for the real geek reader in your house and it will make him or her feel a great sympathy with Luke.

As well as having a fantastically geeky plot the book also deals with friendships, loyalty and other more traditional themes, but in a way that gives them a bit more life and pep than most books.

I thought this would make a fantastic read for boys in particular, aged from 7-12, but really for anyone who is a big fan of comics and the world of graphic novels.