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The Meaning of Life (Lessons in Love) is the third volume in the Rachel Riley Diaries by Joanna Nadin.

the meaning of life

I have reviewed several other books in the series here on Making Them Readers and loved them all. This is no exception.

If you like the Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison, these are for you, although more sexually explicit and therefore strictly for teen readers only. These would also, I imagine, appeal most strongly to girl readers.

Rachel continues to live in the provinces, doomed to a life of sane normality in Saffron Walden. Desperate for a bohemian, literary existence full of woe and personal tragedy she is constantly thwarted by a mother obsessed by Cillit Bang, a brother who is convinced his frogs are in ninja training and a father who is being chased by the town lush, much to the disapproval of his wife.

This volume is concerned largely with Rachel’s relationship with Justin Statham, would be rock star and ex boyfriend of Sophie Microwave Muffins Jacobs. It also concerns her employment in local health food shop, Nuts in May, her first trip to Glastonbury and her continuing friendships with Sad Ed and Scarlet.

It is, as ever, very silly and incredibly funny. Nadin is sharp and witty and the book is pure escapism.

I look forward to reading volume four.