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What is Feminism? Why Do We Need It? & Other Big Questions by Bea Appleby and Louise Spilsbury was sent to me by Amazon Vine’s review programme in exchange for my honest opinion.


Well, honestly? Apart from the ridiculously overlong title, I thought this book was great, and I was fully prepared for it not to be.

It is aimed at kids aged 8 and up. It would be great in a Key Stage two library or even in a middle or high school library as a simple primer.

It deals with a brief history of feminism, a glossary and lots of questions and ideas to think about. It also intersperses the more factual elements of the book with pages dedicated to contemporary women and men and their ideas about what feminism means to them. It features the authors, Gemma Carney, Dawn O’ Porter and Lauren Laverne to name a few. It provides quotes and name checks from other famous figures such as Emma Watson and J.K. Rowling, and tries to make the book as contemporary and relevant to young people as possible.

The text is easy to understand without being patronising and all in all I thought it was really refreshing. If I had one criticism it would be that some of the pages are rather tricky to read, being dark, high gloss colours with small, black print on, and sometimes I had to squint.  But maybe that’s my middle aged eyes.

I thought it was inclusive of all ideas and opinions about feminism and accessible for men and boys too.