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King Flashypants and the Creature from Crong by Andy Riley is the second book in the King Flashypants series, the first being King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor. I was sent the first book to review by Amazon Vine, and Oscar and I enjoyed it so much I snapped up the second book when it was offered to me.


King Edwin is a boy who also happens to be king of Edwinland. All his subjects love him because he’s a kind boy, and he also likes sweets as much as his subjects. When the story opens everyone is a bit miserable because Edwin’s right hand woman, Minister Jill has put a stop to all the sweet eating and is making everyone eat ten lots of fruit and vegetables a day.

Things look up when a hermit who lives in a house of dead wasps arrives from the wilderness to say that the land is about to be ravaged by a creature called the Voolith. Edwin decides to go on a quest and save all his subjects from death by challenging the creature to single combat.

The plan goes awry when he is challenged to a duel by the evil Emperor Nurbison, who hates Edwin with a passion and who wants to conquer Edwinland for himself.

Can Edwin defeat the Voolith, foil Nurbison’s evil plans and somehow avoid eating ten portions of fruit and veg every day?

I’d tell you, but then you might not read the book.

This is just as much fun as the first book in the series. Andy Riley does all the illustrations as well as the text and I particularly love the way he depicts Emperor Nurbison. Also Nurbison has the best laugh of all evil villains ever.

A great chapter book for children aged 7-10. Funny, silly and full of great jokes. It took me a few days to finish it as I was reading several other things at the same time, and my son hovered around the desk every day pestering me until the day he could take it away and have it for himself. He’s thoroughly enjoying it. We hope there are many more in the series.