I really wish that something like This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson existed when I was a teenager. It’s an amazing book and I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone looking for a way to discuss with teens or even pre teens, anything other than the standard, heterosexual relationship situation.

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It’s simply written without being patronising. The copy I read was a reprint which has been added to and extended since it was first published to make sure that all the information available is as up to date as possible.

It appears effortless in its ability to explain complicated and often confusing ideas to people who may already be feeling pretty confused about their sexuality. It is non judgmental and deeply compassionate. It’s funny and wise and inclusive. I absolutely loved it, and despite being much older than the target demographic, I learned a lot.

I would make it mandatory to carry a copy of this in all secondary school libraries. I’d consider using it as a teaching aid in primary year six too, when regular, heterosexual sexual relationships is taught to children. It does a wonderful job of normalising whatever your feelings are about your and other people’s sexuality.