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Richard Adams is perhaps most famous for the novel, Watership Down, a book which I couldn’t read until I was an adult because books about animals made me cry so much, my mum banned them from the house when I was a child.


I was most intrigued when Amazon Vine offered me the chance to review his short story The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon, with new illustrations by the wonderful Alex T. Smith, author of the brilliant Claude, series.

The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon are charming, funny and luckily for me, not sad in any way at all. The story is funny and charming and perfect for sharing at bed time and story time.

Emma makes a marvellous dragon out of egg boxes and other bits of junk. When she gets home with it, the gardener suggests she wake up the magic in the dragon by leaving him in the garden overnight. She is sceptical, but the next morning when Egg Box Dragon is roaring all over the garden, she is forced to change her mind.

This is a lovely story which has been given a new lease of life by the gorgeous, funny illustrations of Alex T. Smith. I absolutely loved it.