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I don’t read many picture books these days. My children are too grown up for them now, and as I am an ex-school librarian, I tend to have let keeping up with picture books slide off my radar, which is a shame, because there are some wonderful books out there I know I’m missing out on. To be honest, I feel like that about almost every kind of book I read, that there are wonderful things I am missing out on, so something has to give.


As I fossick about second hand book shops, which I do every week, the odd picture book will catch my eye, however, and the next few reviews are things I have caught up on in the idle days of feasting over Christmas.

Oh No, George, is a wonderfully funny book by Chris Haughton about a naughty dog called George. George doesn’t want to be a naughty dog. He hopes that he won’t be, but sometimes, as happens to the best of us, the temptation to do something he shouldn’t, cannot be denied.

The book follows George’s disastrous morning when his owner goes out and leaves him with the stricture to be good. The second half is George going to the park with his owner in an attempt to redeem his terrible behaviour at home.

It’s really simply written, and beautifully illustrated in bold, block colours and dynamic lines, and is full of energy and humour. It’s great, great fun, and one of those books that can stand to be read and re-read without getting old.