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Matt Haig has been writing children’s books for a long time. I’ve reviewed some of them on this site. At the moment, however, he is probably best known for his books for adults about mental health. Reasons To Stay Alive and Notes On A Nervous Planet have both been in the best seller charts, and Haig uses social media to great effect to reach out to people suffering with mental health problems.


The Truth Pixie is a short story for children, told in rhyme, that deals with mental health for children. It’s in the same format as his series about Father Christmas and illustrated by the same artist, Chris Mould.

The Truth Pixie is exactly as you would expect, a pixie who cannot help tell the truth. It gets her in some serious bother and she decides to leave her home. She meets a young, human girl who is having problems of her own, and the Truth Pixie finds that she can help.

It’s silly and funny enough to be a pleasure to read with children, whilst also touching on sadness and emotional problems at a level a child can understand. It’s empathetic and powerful. I think it’s destined to be a classic that will, like Michael Rosen’s Sad Book, make an important contribution to children’s understanding of complex emotional issues.