From time to time I may use terms which are unfamiliar to you.  This page will hopefully address any problems you have.

If there are terms which you struggle with which I haven’t included here, please feel free to mail me and I will update the page as regularly as possible.

Y/A Fiction – This is an interchangeable term with Teen Fiction and stands for Young Adult Fiction. Coined by publishing companies it basically allows them to broaden the Teen Fiction category and add much more challenging works to the canon.  It allows them to add books which are much more adult in content and try to bridge the gap between teen readers and adult readers.

KS1 – Key Stage 1 – this refers to children from Early Years or Reception Class up to the end of Year 2 in school (4-7)

KS2 – Key Stage 2 – This refers to children from end of year 2 in primary school up to year 6 (7-11)

Phoneme – The smallest distinguishable sound an ear can hear.

Grapheme – The written representation of a phoneme

Orthographic store – The part of your brain where information is hardwired so that you can retrieve it instantly.


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