How To Use This Site

This site includes all the material I can find about helping children improve their literacy skills and appreciate the broad spectrum of the arts.

It includes:

  • Tips on helping your child to read.
  • Information about library services you can access.
  • Tips on getting your child to write.
  • Links to sites that can support you.
  • Information about events that you might want to access.
  • Information about theatre productions and other arts based performances.
  • Reviews of books and performances.
  • Tips for Schools and teachers.
  • Information for children.
  • Material written by children.

And a whole host of other material.

I update the site as regularly as possible.  When you access the home page it will automatically take you to the latest post I have written.

If this is not what you are looking for, you can use the search button at the top of the right hand side bar to type in a search term.

All posts are tagged with individual, detailed search terms as well as broad, topic based search terms, which should make them easy to look for and find.

I use hyperlinks a lot in posts.  If the material I have written shows up on your screen in a different colour to the main body text it is because I have created a hyperlink.  If you double click on it, it will take you to the web page or material that I am linking to. These web pages open in a different browser.  When you have finished looking at it you can simply close the page down and it will take you straight back to this site.

Underneath the search terms box on the right hand side of the page is a series of text boxes.

The first box links to my facebook page, Making Them Readers.

The next box shows you the five most recent posts I have written in date order. You can simply click on any one of them to be taken to that post.

Below that is archived material month by month.

Underneath that is a blog roll.  A blog roll is a list of sites and links that I refer to often, or I think you might want to access regularly, or which I rate as excellent resources.  Each one is hyperlinked, which means you can click directly onto the site name and it will take you to the page in question.

You can also link to my blog via an RSS feed, which will send blog updates straight to your inbox. If you wish to do that simply click the button in the sidebar under the blog roll.

You can comment on individual posts by filling in the text box at the bottom of each post. As the creator of this site I have editorial veto over material, and everything is moderated by me when I receive it.

You can also make comments through the Facebook page.

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